Company Formation

What are the requirements for registration of H.K. Limited Company?

  1. the number of shareholder(s) / director(s) within 1 – 50;
  2. all shareholder(s) / director(s) shall over 18 of age, and hold a valid Identity Card or Passport (no restriction on nationality);
  3. providing a copy of Business Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation and Identity Card and addres proof of the director for the corporate director(s) / shareholder(s);
  4. appointing Hong Kong resident (must provide H.K. residential address) or Hong Kong Limited Company as company secretary;
  5. providing registered office address in Hong Kong;
  6. paying Government fees in due course.

How to name a Hong Kong Limited Company?

A Hong Kong Limited Company can be named freely, but the name must be ended with “Limited Company”, without repetition in the company registry and does not involve any sensitive wordings such as government authorities.

How long will it take for the registration of H.K. Limited Company?

Generally, it takes about 10 working days.

What kinds of fee to be paid for registration of H.K. Limited Company?

The fee should be paid as follows:

  1. Registration Fee of HK$1,720;
  2. Business Registration Fee of HK$ 2,250;
  3. Service fee for drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association (M& A), submitting registration documents, providing green box or a signature chop, providing a set of Certified True Copies for the relevant documents (issued by the C.P.A.) and 2 times of delivery of documents.

After the registration of H.K. Limited Company, what should we do every year?

H.K. Limited Company must submit required fees and documents to the Companies Registry (“CR”) and Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) every year.

  1. to submit Annual Return with Filing Fee to CR within 42 days after anniversary.
  2. to renew the Business Registration Certificate;
  3. to submit Profits Tax Return (the first Profits Tax Return will be issued by IRD after 18 months from the date of incorporation.)
  4. to submit employers return.
  5. penalty and even prosecution would be imposed by H.K. Government.

How to certify the registered capital of a Hong Kong company and how would increase of capital be processed?

The standard registered capital of a Hong Kong company is HKD$10,000.-, no need to be paid-in or certified.