Opening Bank Account

Opening Bank Account

With our network of business partners and a long-term relationship with the banks, we can provide a “one-stop” service for opening a bank account. Documents will be thoroughly prepared and our team will ensure that the entire process of setting up a bank account is completed. Our service is simple, efficient and effective.

Services provided:

  1. Execute the whole bank account opening procedure
  2. Submit all relevant required documentations to the bank
  3. Follow-up throughout the whole process until the issuance of bank account number
  4. Follow-up throughout the whole process of collecting all the bank account accessories until the bank account opening procedure is completed
  5. Assistance in the maintenance of the bank account (for clients that have engaged in this service), including:
    • Amendment of account details:
      • Authorized signer
      • Company name
      • Corresponding address
    • Application / Replacement of bank account accessories:
      • Cheque book
      • ATM card
      • ATM card pin
      • Internet banking security device
      • Internet banking pin
    • Closing of bank account


  1. Sign the bank account application forms
  2. Submit all documentations to the bank for approval (Depends on the bank requirement)
    • Identity proof (e.g. passport / entry pass / identity card)
    • Address proof (e.g. electricity bill / water bill etc.)
    • Business proof (e.g. business card / quotation / invoice / contract / website etc.)
    • Corresponding address and telephone number
    • Company structure and member information of offshore company
  3. Issuance of bank account by the bank within a limited time
  4. Delivery of the bank account accessories by the bank (e.g. cheque book, password etc.)
  5. The whole procedure shall be completed upon the activation of the password

* All services mentioned are performed in Hong Kong in which the PRC and Oversea offices are operates as a point of contact only.

We reserve the right to amend any of the prices and relevant terms without any notice when deemed necessary.