Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services is provided by a professional team provides appropriate accounting and audit solutions via a thorough understanding of the client’s business according to the relevant ordinances and accounting standards such that the client can focus on their business development with a great saving at cost.

Section 51C of the Inland Revenue Ordinance requires

  • every person carrying on a trade, profession or business in Hong Kong to keep sufficient records in the English or Chinese language of his income and expenditure to enable the assessable profits to be readily ascertained.
  • Such records shall be retained for a period of not less than 7 years.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of the Ordinance without reasonable excuse may be liable to a maximum fine of $100,000.
  • The records prescribed in the Ordinance include books of accounts recording receipts and payments, vouchers, bank statements, invoices, receipts; records of the assets and liabilities; statements of trading stock, etc.

The Focus of Bookkeeping Services

  • preparing books of accounts monthly, quarterly and yearly;
  • preparing annual financial statements include Balance Sheet and Income Statement;
  • helping in setting up accounting system;
  • managing old book of accounts.

Advantage of Bookkeeping Services

  • supervising by Professional Accountants, which is more professional, more prompt and more accurate;
  • computerized accounting which prepare general ledgers and financial statements in Chinese or English version;
  • filing accounting materials systematically which is good for finding and checking;
  • providing free consultancy services to client in respect of accounting, management, taxation and auditing.

Content of Bookkeeping Services

  • managing accounting materials, filing systematically and computerized bookkeeping;
  • preparing general ledgers, cash books, banks books, accounts receivable books and accounts payable books;
  • preparing statement of bank reconciliation;
  • preparing annual financial statements include Balance Sheet and Income Statement.