HR Services

For both small businesses and big enterprises, human resource tasks will always be a hassle. If you’re looking for ways to eliminate the hassle and focus on revenue-generating work, contact us and learn how we can help.


Provide permanent staffs like office admin, secretary, or clerk, also temporary staffs like promoters, packers, operators, or other positions for our customers. Employees will sign their employment contract directly with us to ensure strict labour compliance and insurance coverage.

Labour outsourcing is best If your company needs a large number of part-time staff temporarily or within a short period of time without a hiring network. It’s also best if you don’t have the resources for staff welfare, insurance, or other admin tasks. We solve your long or short-term staffing problems following a systematic process that complies with Hong Kong labour laws.

  • Provide temporary staff with various skill sets
  • Sign contract and provide insurance for staff
  • Co-manage the temporary staff with clients
  • Dispatch staff according to clients’ labour requirements
  • Pay wages to staff + other payroll-related tasks
  • Prepare duty report and distribute payroll invoice

Payroll Outsourcing

Assist in processing your business’s tedious administrative tasks like payroll calculation, distribution, MPF contribution, employer tax liability, and other related paperwork.

According to an online SME research, companies spent on average 120 working days on Human Resources work. Handling payroll and related tasks take up one-third of the HR resources which could be focused on other core parts of the business.

Payroll outsourcing includes how we record and organize staff’s roster, calculate staffs’ salaries and MPF for you using our market-leading system. We analyze salary report and pay your staff after verification on the appointed payday.

HK Work Visa Processing

We’re an expert team skillful in Hong Kong working visa application procedure. We can help cut down the time in processing applications and ensure all documents are ready.

HK Work Visa Application Flow:

Tax Administration

  • Prepare files for tax administration for the financial year
  • Prepare relevant Tax forms for new joiners
  • Prepare relevant Tax forms for leavers

Employee Benefits

We provides professional HR consultation on employee benefits such as insurance. We can help process new application, contribution calculation, contribution contract termination, as well as organise annual reports.

Other HR Services

We can customize services to meet the unique needs of clients:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Filing
  • Staff Orientation
  • Other HR Services

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